Saturday, May 7, 2016

May, 2016: Drummer's Surgery

Wendy & Andrew's visit to Drummer after his surgery
Drummer had been in some pain and discomfort for about a month, and was taking tramydol and an anti-inflammatory medication. Then on 4/28/16 he had trouble coordinating his back legs. When I took him to the vet he collapsed in the parking lot, and being 145 pounds I couldn't move him. The vet techs saw me struggling with him, and came out with a gurney. The upshot is what we thought might be wobbler's syndrome turned out to be a bulging disc, which ruptured. He had an MRI and surgery. It was a difficult several days following surgery, but on day six he was able to come home. He continues to recover, and continues to have a gate like a woman trying to swing her hips, and he easily slips on his back legs. But we have a harness with handles both front and back, and he now wants to walk again. He was very excited at the close of the first week after surgery to get a visit from Wendy and Andrew, his surrogate parents; so much so that he struggled to his feet and sat in Andrew's lap.

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