Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June, 2014: Drummer on the brink

Drummer has had ongoing multiple health issues for the past seven months - the most difficult has been diarrhea if he is not on an antibiotic. Out of desperation to solve the problem we considered having him go back to the breeder for an extended, possibly indefinite period of time. In the end we couldn't do it. On the same day I was going to drive him up to Steamboat, and had an email with directions, we changed course. He now seems to be doing much better on a new dog food, and we'll see if he stays stable as I wean him off his antibiotic.

As a last hurrah we took him up to Evergreen to his favorite off-leash trails at Elk Meadow Park. He was so great, sticking right to us without a leash, and being such a good boy it helped to change our minds about what to do.

We subsequently found that switching him to a different dog food solved the problem, although a year later we had to switch him again as he apparently developed an allergy to the first food we switched him to.

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