Saturday, October 8, 2011

10-8-2011: Drummer's First Week Home

 The first few days Drummer was here I wondered what on earth I was thinking taking on a new puppy with Judy in California and only home every other weekend. I was particularly concerned how he would do with my clients, and in fact the first few days he was very busy and distracting during sessions. At night he got me up twice in the middle of every night, and he did a lot of whining over riding in the car, being put in a crate, getting out of my sight, and walking outside. Everything was scary and new to him.

But to his credit, he is adapting very quickly. He is essentially housebroken (if I watch him and anticipate his needs), and has only had two accidents in the house and one at the office. Right now he is sleeping under my chair -- the closer the better. He can be very busy with his toys, but generally stays close by; and after the first part of the week began to adapt to my routine. He goes into a crate at night, and is now only needing to get up once (about 3am). I found he was manageable at the office -- as long as he had enough exercise, which has meant three long walks a day. If I wear him out he'll sleep while I'm seeing clients. The hitch is that I'm also worn out! We are going to bed at 9pm, and getting up at 5:30am so there is time for his morning walk.

He aims to please and is working at mastering stairs. Yesterday he did, "Look Ma, no hands!" running up and down the first five steps of the staircase to show me how well he could do it. He was quite pleased with himself, but the next level of about a dozen steps, still seems too intimidating to him. Day by day he's getting heavier for me to carry up and down, and I'm suffering from a sore shoulder from the effort.

He is now riding in the car like a seasoned pro, and handling our daily walks with all their stimulation of cars, people and other dogs. He ran around with a small neighbor dog he will soon tower over, and he is now running ahead while on the leash rather than cowering around my ankles.

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